Since 2013 I'm a Sterling Virtuoso Artist and I play exclusively on a Sterling Euphonium. The instrument I play is a Heavy Gold Bell, 300 mm with black nickel finishing and a trigger. 
The sound of the instrument is great and stays equal from the lowest until the highest note. It is very flexible and clear. It blends perfectly with other instrument and the tuning is good. I can only agree with what Sterling says themselves about the instrument:

'The Sterling Virtuoso Euphonium is the culmination of many years of development  with some of the world's finest euphonium players. This has resulted in a truly outstanding instrument for today's discerning musicians. The traditional euphonium sound, ease of playing in all registers is enhanced by the excellent intonation throughout the entire range.

For more information about this euphonium, have a look on the Sterling Website. The Sterling importer for the BeNeLux is Muremo. You can always contact them about the instruments. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want a personal view or if you are interested in trying the Sterling Virtuoso Euphonium!


I play on a Kurun & Gilbert 3,5D Mouthpiece. I came across these mouthpieces via Facebook and I was suprised by the good quality and comfortable playing. The inside edge is very round and comfortable, and the sound is more warm then on my previous mouthpiece. Also the projection of the sound has become better. Also my endurance get's better with this mouthpiece. 

'Kurun & Gilbert are the designers and manufacturers of K&G Mouthpieces, a complete professional line of brass mouthpieces for trombones, baritones and euphoniums. K&G Mouthpieces are aimed to assist musicians during performances of any genre of music.  

K&G Mouthpieces are engineered mouthpieces. Their design is based on years of knowledge and experience together with applied engineering principles ranging from fluid mechanics to acoustics.K&G Mouthpieces aim to offer the musician what no other mouthpiece is capable of in terms of intonation, slotting of notes, musical range, articulation, sound projection, vibration and ease of playing through its efficient design. These mouthpieces aim to give the musician an outstanding experience." 

If you are interested in these mouthpieces, take a look at the K&G website

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