Duo Robbert Vos & Gerd Wensink 2

In the past 2 years I recorded various duets with my good friend and euphoniumplayer Gerd Wensink. These duets are all from the book 'Duetti per Trombe' by Edgard Cosma. These duets are different from others because of a speciaal idiom and challenging rhythmics. It was a pleasure to recording, allthough they are made in only one take with our own recording device. Have fun listening!

                                         Double Portraits; Part One - David Uber

                                         Duet 2 - Edgard Cosma

                                         Duet 3; Chant Funebre - Edgar Cosma

                                         Duet 5; Long Life Thirds - Edgar Cosma

                                         Duet 6; In Pursuit of a Fugue - Edgar Cosma

                                         Duet 7 - Edgar Cosma

                                         Duet 12; Chapeau a Joh. Str. - Edgar Cosma

                                         Duet 13 - Edgar Cosma

                                         Duet 14; Honky-Tonky - Edgar Cosma

                                         Duet 20 - Edgar Cosma

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